NewGen Drilling Pty Limited

NewGen Drilling Pty Limited ("NGD") is a business unit of the CalEnergy Resources Limited Group of Companies ("CER Group"). CalEnergy Resources Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Energy.

NRW Holdings Limited, (“NRW”), an ASX listed company that provides diversified services to Australia's resource and infrastructure sectors, has subscribed for new shares. NRW holds a 20% shareholding in NGD.

NGD is a growing Australian provider of well contract drilling based in Perth. Through our strong onshore oil and gas focus, we are dedicated to supporting the development of conventional, unconventional and geothermal energy in Australia.

We provide experienced people, advanced equipment and streamlined systems and services in order to deliver high quality exploration, appraisal and production wells.


...the first of its kind

NGD invested significant time and effort identifying leading providers of innovative rig technology around the world and eventually selected the Huisman Equipment B.V. (“Huisman”) Low Operating Cost (“LOC”) rig as the most suitable and flexible to meet the breadth of opportunities and associated demands of Australian opportunities.

Huisman is a leading provider of heavy construction equipment to the global offshore oil and gas sector. Much of the knowledge, experience and high quality engineering from Huisman’s offshore technologies have been incorporated into the onshore rig technology that is now available in Australia through the LOC drilling rig. Known as NGD Rig 405, the LOC drilling rig is the most advanced deep gas drilling rig currently available in Australia. It was specifically chosen for its high degree of safety, reliability and efficiency.

Safety & Energy Efficiency

The NGD Rig 405 is designed with safety foremost. The fully automated pipe handling including an automated pipe stabber removes need for all people from the drill floor for most operations. As the rig uses Range III drill pipe, no derrickman is required and there is significantly reduced “working at heights”. On board casing running tools remove the need for separate casing crews and overall NGD Rig 405 provides a significant reduction of the number of people required on site.

The rig has the ability to casing drill the surface casing and run subsequent intermediate and production casing.

NGD Rig 405 has a significantly lower adverse impact on the environment compared with traditional rigs. Drilling a well with the NGD Rig 405 requires less fuel than comparable rigs. The foot print of NGD Rig 405, is only 1,200m2, which is much smaller than the footprint required by a traditional rig of equal capabilities.