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Technology Overview


The NGD Rig 405 is designed with safety foremost.  The fully automated pipe handling, removes the need for all people from the drill floor for most operations. 


2 to 3 days to rig up and spud this depends on rig move distance

Completely self-erecting mast

Efficient Blowout Preventer stack rig up

Integrated data / control network, resulting in less electrical connections

Mud hoses quickly and easily connected

Fold out bridges for cabling and hose protection (reduced trip hazards)

Fold-down hand rails and light towers on mud street

casing while drilling

Rig has been designed for Drilling with Casing (DwC) and Casing While Drilling (CWD)

Key components - Casing Drive Assembly, power slips, TDS.

CWD system specifically designed to work seamlessly with rig

Up to 50% faster than conventional approach to well casing (significant cost saving for operators moving into field appraisal or development)

Huisman developing CWD tools to integrate with rig, or stand-alone service

Split blocks and w/l BOP enable CWD and wireline retrieval coring

highly mobile

Fully containerised design using 26 stackable ISO compliant 19 x 40’ and 7 x 20’ modules.

Can be quickly, easily and cost effectively transported anywhere in the world by any container ship, train or truck (no need for expensive skids).

Treated as containers not break-bulk

No requirement for special road permits (easily transported by rail or truck)

Faster to load / unload with less damage and less accidents

adverse environmental impact

NGD Rig 405 has a significantly lower adverse impact on the environment compared with traditional rigs.  Drilling a well with the NGD Rig 405 requires less fuel than comparable rigs. 


Tripping controlled from driller’s cabin

Tool joint always the same height above drill floor

Power tong suspended by telescopic beam

Powerful top drive with unique split block system (optimises tripping speeds)

Majority of operations performed with 8 falls, reducing power requirements and fuel consumption

Top drive rail mounted (easy to align)

Ground pressure specifications being converted to lease compaction spec.


As the rig uses Range III drill pipe, no derrickman is required, and there is significantly reduced 'working at heights'.

small footprint

The footprint of NGD Rig 405 is only 1,200m2, which is much smaller than the footprint required by a traditional rig of equal capabilities.


Automated pipe handling, significantly reduced HSE exposures

Automated power tong, allowing drill pipe make up and break out without manual tongs

Entire process controlled from driller’s cabin (minimising drill floor exposure)

Auto-driller function maintains a constant Weight on Bit or Standpipe Pressure

Optimises bit performance and life

Auto-trip function – reduced rig floor exposure

No 3rd party for running casing / tubing

No stabber or working at heights


Powered by AC drives (minimal wear parts)

Primary equipment AC driven (including drawworks, top drive, and mud pumps)

Electrical switchgear housed in fully air-conditioned ISO container (looking to air-purge during transport)

In-built redundancy and fewer single point failures (backup diesel driven hydraulic power unit, backup hydraulic drive at drawworks and top drive, three mud pumps, profinet ring network)

Extensive spares inventory (~$1.4M)
Spare CAN-RIG tong and spare top drive in

Perth or on-rig

Fail-safe caliper brake system